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Manage your team efficiently

Billdr PRO helps you manage your team efficiently and even across multiple construction sites. You can easily build schedules for each project, assign tasks to your team and subs and also keep track of daily to-do lists.

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For each project, you can create editable schedules in order to better estimate the construction time and thus better coordinate your team and subcontractors throughout the entire duration of the project. It’s also a great tool to help your customers understand your timelines.

Benefits for your business
  • Better coordination of work with your team and subcontractors
  • Enhanced trust with clients
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A project's detailed timeline with mobile views of the project schedule


Easily add new items to your to-do list and assign them to your team members or subcontractors. By providing a centralized location for task assignment and tracking, this feature makes it easier than ever to stay organized, delegate tasks, and ensure that everything gets done on time. Task assignment is coming soon.

Benefits for your business
  • Better coordination of work with your team and subcontractors
  • Reduced risks of errors and omissions
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Desktop and mobile views of a to do list

Time clock

Effortlessly record and manage each employee's hours and location per project. No more chasing after timesheets - gain precise data on project timelines and workforce distribution. Save time on admin tasks, ensure accurate payroll, and take control of your project management with the time clock feature.

Benefits for your business
  • Simplified time tracking
  • Reduced administrative effort
  • Enhanced project precision and financial accuracy
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Daily logs

Transform the way you track and manage construction activities using daily logs. This feature is designed to meticulously document daily operations, improve communication among project stakeholders, and preserve a comprehensive history of your project from inception to completion.

Benefits for your business
  • Enhanced project management and accountability
  • Improved communication and client satisfaction
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Screenshot of desktop daily logs in Billdr PRO

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