Time tracking made easy: Excel construction timesheet template

Simplify the way you track work time and manage payrolls. The Billdr PRO Excel construction timesheet template is tailored for the unique needs of general contractors and home builders.

Efficient time tracking for general contractors

Our Excel construction timesheet template provides a straightforward way to track work hours, export for payroll, and maintain accurate records for each of your employee.

Eliminate the hassle of manual timekeeping and focus more on the critical aspects of your construction projects.

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Advantages of our construction timesheet template:

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Flexible date entry

Input custom dates for each timesheet, offering adaptability to match different project timelines and employee work schedules.

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Customizable pay periods

Opt for either weekly or bi-weekly pay periods, allowing you to tailor the timesheet to your company's specific payroll needs.

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Accurate hourly rate calculations

Easily calculate payments based on regular and overtime hourly rates, ensuring precise and equitable compensation for your workforce.

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Efficient payroll calculation

Quickly determine the total pay for each employee, simplifying the payroll process and reducing time spent on complex calculations.

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