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Collaborate with your clients and streamline communication for all your construction projects thanks to a modern client dashboard. With Billdr PRO, you can showcase your professionalism and keep your clients satisfied with their construction project.

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Complete and modern client dashboard

The Client Dashboard feature of Billdr PRO is a powerful tool that allows you to keep your clients informed and engaged throughout the construction process.

With our easy-to-use dashboard, clients can access project updates, timelines, progress reports, and other important information from any device. Say goodbye to phone tag and endless emails, and keep your clients in the loop with Billdr PRO.

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Desktop and mobile screenshots of the quote screen in the homeowner dashboard

Comment, compare and approve your quotes

Clients can approve or decline quotes, and ask questions directly through the dashboard. You'll be able to track all client activity in one place, making it easy to manage multiple projects and keep everyone on the same page.

With Billdr PRO, you'll be able to build trust and transparency with your clients, and deliver successful projects on time and on budget.

Desktop and mobile screenshots of the quotes comparison feature in the homeowner dashboard

Approve change orders and track construction contract value

Your clients can approve or reject change orders. Once change orders are approved, clients can track at all times the current value of the contract so that there is full alignment on the total cost. 

Desktop and mobile screenshots of the contracts details in the homeowner dashboard

Track all invoices, and complete payments

Your clients can track and pay all the invoices you send them. 

Desktop and mobile screenshots of the invoices details in the homeowner dashboard

Follow schedule and task list

Construction management is all about communications. Your clients can follow with you the schedule of construction you may share with them.

They can also view the list of tasks you may assign to them during the construction phase.

Desktop and mobile screenshots of the project schedule in the homeowner dashboard

Keep track of all documents for your clients

Your clients will also be able to see all the relevant documents for the construction projects. 

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Desktop and mobile screenshots of the files sharing in the homeowner dashboard

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