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Easily create, edit, and share detailed materials list with your team and suppliers for efficient project management.

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Ensure no detail is overlooked with our automatically generated materials list. Upon creating a quote, generate a detailed breakdown of all necessary materials, from the smallest screws to the largest beams.

These lists save you valuable time and reduce errors, while remaining fully editable to suit your specific project needs. With everything meticulously itemized and customizable, you can confidently move forward with your projects.

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Time-saving efficiency

Spend less time on administrative tasks and more on what you do best—building and managing projects. Our materials list feature automates the tedious process of itemizing materials, allowing you to focus on the core aspects of project execution and client satisfaction.

This efficiency not only speeds up your workflow but also enhances your ability to handle more projects simultaneously, increasing your overall productivity and profitability.

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Sharing with suppliers made simple

Easily share your materials list with suppliers to simplify procurement. This  helps you obtain accurate cost estimates, ensuring your project stays within budget.

Collaborate effectively with suppliers for informed decision-making based on real-time pricing information.

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