Contract Management & Payments

Create quotes & invoices easily & get paid fast

Billdr PRO automates your administrative tasks: our software will save you time creating quotes, sending invoices, or managing change orders.

Billdr PRO will also help you get paid faster with flexible payments options for your clients.

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Quoting software

Sending detailed quotes to your customers is now easier than ever. Billdr Pro makes it ridiculously simple to build even large $100k quotes under 30 min: you have access to quote templates for most project types that you can customize, as well as an extensive tasks lists and suggested pricing for labour and materials.

Benefits for your business
  • 80% less time to build quotes versus pen & paper or excel
  • More accurate pricing so you can reduce your financial risk
  • Enhanced trust with clients as you look more professional
Quote creation features screenshots

Change orders

During construction, change orders almost always happen. Billdr PRO offers you a transparent and efficient process to create, communicate and manage change orders with your customers. Customers can also approve and pay change orders from their dashboard.

Benefits for your business
  • Enhanced trust with clients
  • Better tracking and documentation of all change orders
  • More efficient decision making process
Change order creation screenshots in Billdr PRO

Invoicing software

Generate and send invoices rapidly in a few clicks. You can also offer your customers the ability to pay digitally so you don’t have to run around to collect checks or cash. You can also set up automated payment reminders.

Benefits for your business
  • Clear overview of payments status for each invoice
  • Reduced risk of missing payments
  • More control over cash flows
Invoices screenshots from Billdr PRO

Payments processing

Once you send an invoice, your clients can pay digitally via credit cards or wire transfers, or via traditional payments methods like checks.

Benefits for your business
  • Convenience for your clients with flexible payment options
  • Faster payment collection
Payment screenshots from the client dashboard

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