Billdr PRO vs Buildertrend

Buildertrend is a pioneer in the construction management software industry launching his product over 17 years ago and opening up innovation for the construction industry. However, it’s time for a change with software that embraces modernity.

Enters Billdr PRO, your modern all-in-one construction management software putting at the core its values simplicity of use, beautiful design, robust mobile experience, and automation to make your life easier as a residential general contractor.

Buildertrend - Quote feature

Billdr PRO - Quote feature

Most of the existing incumbent construction management software solutions have outdated UX and UI design that can be complicated to use, not very user-friendly, and requiring quite a steep learning curve during onboarding. These legacy software solutions were designed for an older generation of general contractors and are not equipped to handle the demands of today's modern construction industry.

It's time for a new generation of construction management software that is designed with modern general contractors in mind. Today's general contractors need software that is intuitive, user-friendly, and can be accessed from anywhere at any time. 

With a new generation of software solutions, general contractors can streamline their workflows, manage their finances more effectively, and communicate with their teams & customers more efficiently. The result is a more efficient and profitable business that can keep up with the demands of the modern construction industry.

Let’s compare what makes Billdr PRO different from Buildertrend:

  Billdr PRO Buildertrend
All-in-one Yes Yes
Simple and beautiful design Yes No
User-friendly and simple to use Yes No
Self-onboarding Yes No (you have to talk to a sales rep ...)
Affordable pricing $160 - $350 / per month (annual plan) $399 - $1,299 / month (annual plan)
Free trial period 21 days No
Modern mobile app Yes No

If we enter into features details we have the following:

  Billdr PRO Buildertrend
Sales and Clients Management    
Lead and client list Yes Yes
Client dashboard Modern Yes
Client messaging Scheduled Yes
Quotes Fast & simple thanks to pre-made templates Multiple steps with lots of fields to fill out
Commenting on quotes Yes Yes
Contract management & Payments    
Change orders 2 clicks process Multiple steps
Invoices Yes Yes
Payments processing Yes Yes
Team management    
Files management Yes Yes
Scheduling Yes Yes
Task management Yes Yes
Daily logs Yes Yes
Subcontractor portal Scheduled Yes
Profit & Loss Yes Yes
Quickbooks integration Yes Yes
Xero integration Scheduled Yes

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