General contractors' FAQ

What is Billdr PRO?

Billdr is a web and mobile application that helps contractors manage renovation projects by enabling them to:
• access detailed and pre-qualified projects (customers pay a fee for their project to appear on our platform)
• quote templates with scope of work pre-populated
• send digital invoices to clients
• receive electronic payments (customers pay by bank transfer, pre-authorized debit, or credit card)

How do I apply to join the Billdr network?

To become a Billdr-certified general contractor, you must have the following qualifications:
• A Régie du bâtiment du Québec (RBQ) license (Québec) or a valid Ontario corporation number (Ontario)
• A registered tax account number
• A WSIB clearance certificate, unless you meet the exemption requirements (Ontario)
• Commercial general liability insurance of at least $2,000,000
• At least two years of experience as a residential general contractor
• References from recent clients

Since Billdr's platform relies on qualified and professional contractors, we will call you for an interview and request references from your previous clients. We will also arrange to meet you on an active job site to observe the way you work and make sure it meets our standards. By getting to know you, we will build a solid trust relationship. Book a meeting with a Billdr representative.

How many contractors can bid on the same project?

The idea is to give homeowners a choice, without taking up too much of your time. Therefore, in the Billdr platform, only two contractors can bid on renovation projects under $100,000, and three for projects that exceed $100,000.


How can I start accepting online payments for my services?

It's easy to get started! Once you're connected to the Billdr PRO platform, click on the "Settings" tab to connect your bank account to our secure payment system, Stripe. Once connected, you can begin receiving payments online from your customers by selecting the preferred payment method (credit card or wire transfer) for each invoice. This flexibility allows you to customize the payment experience based on your and your customers' preferences. Learn more about Stripe

What kinds of payments are accepted through the online payment system?

We accept two primary forms of payment: credit card and wire transfer (PAD). This flexibility allows customers to choose the payment method that best suits their preferences and provides convenience and options for completing transactions.

Why should I use online payments for my invoices?

Digital payments offer several benefits, including fast and secure transactions, flexibility for your customers, no monthly costs or hidden fees, no trips to the bank, and the convenience of easily turning online payments on and off.

How secure is the payment system, especially since it involves connecting my bank account?

We use Stripe, a highly secure platform. It uses advanced encryption and authentication to protect your and your customers' financial information. Connecting your bank account to Stripe is a simple and secure process. Learn more about Stripe

What are the fees associated with online payments, and who is responsible for them?

The fees, which are 3.9% for credit card payments and 0.5% for wire transfers, apply to customers making payments. General contractors do not incur these fees, ensuring a straightforward and fair transaction process.

How quickly will I receive payments after the client makes an online payment?

For credit card payments, you can expect to receive funds the same day. Wire transfer payments typically take 5-6 days to process before reaching your account. These time frames ensure efficient and transparent transactions.

Can I turn off online payments if needed?

Yes, you have the flexibility to easily turn online payments on and off each time you send an invoice. This allows you to tailor the payment method to your business needs.

Do I need a specific device to accept online payments?

No, you don't need anything, just to connect your bank account to the platform.

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