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Centralize your communications with your customers in one interface

Effective communication with customers is a critical component of successful construction project management. With Billdr PRO's Messaging feature, you can streamline your communication with customers and keep all your emails in one place.

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View all your communications in one interface

Our tool allows you to view all email exchanges with your customers directly on your Billdr PRO dashboard, so you don't have to search your personal inbox for project-related messages.

Additionally, you can send emails from within the software, so you can keep everything organized and in one place.

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Create emails, attach files, find relevant information easily

With our Messaging feature, you can easily see all the communications with your customers, including messages, attachments, and replies. You can filter messages by project or customer, and search through your entire message history to quickly find specific information.

You can also send emails from your Billdr PRO dashboard, so you don't have to switch between different software tools or log in to your personal email account.

This feature saves you time and keeps everything organized, so you can focus on what really matters: managing your construction projects.

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A messaging platform for construction management

Our Messaging feature is designed to help you simplify your communication with customers and improve your project management efficiency.

You can easily keep track of all your email exchanges, access them from anywhere, and reply to messages directly from your Billdr PRO dashboard. Plus, our tool is fully integrated with the rest of the Billdr PRO platform, so you can easily manage your projects, invoices, and financials all in one place.

Try Billdr PRO today and experience the benefits of our messaging feature for yourself.

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