Team Management

Construction time clock for general contractors

Stop chasing after your team for timesheets! Effortlessly record and manage each employee's hours and location per project.

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Mobile portal for employees

Automatically remind your employees via SMS to clock in and out effortlessly using our mobile portal.

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Location tracking

Know exactly where your employees are when they clock in and out, whether it's at the job site, office, or anywhere else.

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Employee's shift

Manage employee shifts effortlessly. Keep all timesheets in one place for accurate payroll processing based on hours worked.

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Project hours

Track hours and expenses for each project to see how profitable they are.

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How many employees can I add?

There's no restriction – feel free to add as many employees as your organization requires.

What device is required for employees?

A simple solution – just a basic smartphone with internet connectivity. No need for app downloads or account creation, making it hassle-free.

What if an employee forgot to clock in and out?

No worries! Our mobile platform allows them to make adjustments, and rest assured, we'll promptly notify you of any changes made to their attendance history.

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