Team Management

Daily Logs for General Contractors

Have your team and subcontractors report and share photos documenting the progress of your construction site!

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Mobile portal

Have your employees and subcontractors on site to capture photos and videos, as well as provide reports detailing the day's activities.

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mobile view

Daily logs per project

Gain the convenience of overseeing all project activities from your Billdr PRO desktop platform. Leave comments as necessary. Create yourself daily logs if needed.

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Daily logs for all your construction projects

Easily access a comprehensive overview of all ongoing projects simultaneously, allowing you to quickly understand the progress and developments across each one.

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Daily log FAQ

Who can create daily logs?

You, your employees, and subcontractors.

Do employees or subcontractors need to register or download an app?

No subscription necessary. Simply provide a link via text message, allowing individuals to directly input project updates without the requirement of logging in or signing up.

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