When to hire your first employee for your construction company


Hiring your first employee is a big step for a construction company, and it is important to time the hire correctly. The right hire can bring new skills, help to manage workload, and drive the company's growth. On the other hand, hiring too soon can be a financial strain, and hiring too late can result in missed opportunities. In this blog post, we will outline the factors to consider when deciding when to hire your first employee for your construction company.

Assessing Your Company's Growth

Assessing your company's growth is a crucial step in deciding when to hire your first employee. Understanding your current business operations and evaluating the potential for future growth will help you determine if additional help is needed to meet future demand. Consider factors such as the number of projects you have on the horizon, the complexity of the projects, and the timeline for completion.

Evaluating Your Financial Health

Before hiring your first employee, it is important to evaluate your company's financial health. Assess your current financial situation and calculate the cost of hiring and maintaining an employee. This includes salary, benefits, insurance, and other associated costs. Make sure your company is financially ready to take on the additional expense before making the hire.  

Identifying Your Company's Needs

Identifying your company's needs is an important step in deciding when to hire your first employee. Determine the specific tasks that need to be completed and decide if the tasks can be completed by a single person or if multiple employees are needed. Identify the skills and experience required for the job, as well as the desired work schedule and workload.

Creating a Job Description and Hiring Process

Once you have identified your company's needs, the next step is to create a job description and hiring process. Outline the responsibilities and duties of the first employee, and develop a hiring process, including job postings, interview questions, and reference checks. Consider the benefits and compensation to offer the first employee, as well as any training or support that may be needed.  The University of Scranton has put together a checklist for you to consider here.

Implementing the Hire

Once you have found the right candidate, the next step is to implement the hire. Make the official offer to the chosen candidate, complete the necessary paperwork and compliance requirements, and provide training and support to the first employee. Ensure that the first employee has the tools and resources needed to succeed in the role.  Here’s a checklist of some of the compliance things you also need to consider.


In conclusion, there are several factors to consider when deciding when to hire your first employee for your construction company. Tom Reber recaps some of them in this video.  Assessing your company's growth, evaluating your financial health, identifying your company's needs, creating a job description and hiring process, and implementing the hire are all important steps in making informed decisions about hiring your first employee. By following these steps, you can ensure that you are hiring the right person at the right time to help drive your company's growth and success.

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