How to automate tasks for your construction business with tech-enabled solutions


Building a successful construction business has never been a walk in the park, especially in today's rapidly changing industry landscape. Throughout history, those who were reluctant to adapt to new technologies have been left behind. However, those who embraced change have been able to stay ahead of the curve and reap the benefits. That's why it's more crucial than ever to embrace technology in your construction business if you want to stay competitive. With the right tech-enabled solutions, you can streamline your operations, boost efficiency, and elevate your business to new heights. In this article, we'll delve into the four most crucial elements you need to consider when streamlining your construction business with technology. By embracing technology, you'll not only keep pace with the industry, but you'll also take your business to the next level, becoming a leader in your field. So, if you're ready to be bold and embrace change, read on!

Construction management software to automate quotes & invoices, and simplify your project management

A construction management software like Billdr Pro is like having a superhero sidekick for your construction business. This type of software will help you keep all of your ducks in a row and make sure nothing falls through the cracks. From schedules and budgets to materials and labor costs, project management software will help you keep track of everything, allowing you to focus on what you do best: building. Not only that, but it will also help you keep track of project progress, communication between team members, and client information, making your life a whole lot easier. With the right software, you can streamline your entire project process, from start to finish, and make sure everything runs like a well-oiled machine. It's like having your very own Jarvis from the "Iron Man" movies, always there to help you out and make sure everything runs smoothly. So, if you want to be a superhero contractor, invest in some project management software!

Measuring and estimating are like the peanut butter and jelly of construction - they just go together. And just like peanut butter and jelly, you want to make sure you have the best tools for the job. That's where digital tools come in. 

Scanning devices to automate takeoff of construction materials

By using 3D scanning like Magic Plan, laser measurement devices, you can take the guesswork out of measuring and estimating construction projects. This not only saves you time, but it also helps you avoid costly errors that could be the difference between making a profit or losing money on a project. It's like having a GPS for your construction business - you always know where you're going and how to get there. And let's face it, who doesn't love a good GPS? It's like having a personal tour guide for your construction projects. So, if you want to be a construction pro, invest in some digital measuring and estimating tools!

Virtual and augmented reality tools like Matterport are becoming more popular by the minute. With these tools, you can create virtual walkthroughs of your construction projects that are so realistic, your clients will feel like they're walking through the finished product before it's even built. This can help you avoid mistakes and minimize changes, saving you an average of 20% on time and 15% on costs. 

And it's not just your clients who will benefit from these tools. Your employees can also use them for training, allowing them to practice tasks in a virtual environment before they tackle them on the real job site. This can lead to an average improvement of 40% in employee efficiency and a 25% reduction in errors. That's like hitting a grand slam on the first pitch of the game! So, if you want your construction business to be a real home run, invest in some virtual and augmented reality tools.

Mobile apps for communication and collaboration

Good communication and collaboration are like maple syrup and pancakes  - they just make everything better (shout out to our Canadian general contractors) and in construction, they're just as important. 

That's why mobile apps like Slack, Asana, and Microsoft Teams are your best friends. You could also include construction management software like Billdr Pro that also have mobile apps to simplify communication and collaboration with your team and customers.

These apps allow you to stay connected with your team and clients no matter where you are, so you can keep your projects moving forward smoothly. You can also use apps to share plans, documents, and project updates with your team in real-time, making sure everyone is on the same page. It's like having a virtual construction headquarters, where you can keep track of everything from your smartphone or tablet. And let's be honest, who doesn't love being able to take their work on the go? It's like having a Tim Hortons coffee in hand, always ready to help you power through your day. So, if you want to keep your projects running like a well-oiled machine, invest in some mobile apps for communication and collaboration!

Collect payments electronically for your construction business

In 2023, you do not need anymore to collect your payments by cheque. Save yourself time and hassle of collecting cheques, and offer your customers digital payments solutions.

Some construction management softwares like Billdr Pro offer you the ability to send digital invoices and collect payments at a tap of your fingertips. You can also use point-of-sale solutions like Square to collect payments.

Mobile apps for timesheets

There are several mobile applications that track your employees’ time spent on a construction and automatically create weekly timesheets. This is very useful once you start overseeing 2 or more construction crews.


In conclusion, technology has the power to streamline your construction business in ways that were once thought impossible. From project management software to virtual and augmented reality tools, there are many tech-enabled solutions available to help you increase efficiency, reduce costs, and grow your business. So, don't be afraid to embrace technology in your construction business. Embracing new tools and techniques can help you stay ahead of the competition and achieve success in an ever-changing industry.

In the words of the famous inventor and futurist, Elon Musk, "If something is important enough, even if the odds are against you, you should still do it." So, go ahead, streamline your construction business with tech-enabled solutions and watch your business soar!

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