8 Reasons Why General Contractors Should Invest in Construction Software

In the modern construction landscape, embracing technology is essential for increasing your profitability, staying competitive and streamlining operations. Using a construction management software to run a residential or commercial construction business becomes a competitive advantage for residential & commercial general contractors as they become more efficient to manage projects, communicate, and drive profitability. 

If you just started your construction business, adopting a construction management software early on will help you automate a lot of the mundane administrative tasks so that you can allocate more of your time towards closing more customers while also allowing you to implement the right discipline to track your profitability.

Here are 10 compelling reasons why investing in construction software is a smart move for any modern general contractor looking to elevate their business. 

1. Precise Quoting and Estimating

A construction estimating software empowers you to create accurate & professional quotes and estimates, ensuring transparency and preventing costly underestimations. Integrated tools assist in factoring in materials, labor, and other costs, leading to more competitive bids.

You will be able to save dozen of hours every week versus building your quotes manually with Excel or Quickbooks. If you bring it to a year it’s 12h per week x 50 weeks = 600h or 600h x $100 per hour which is $60,000 saved just by using a construction estimating software! Imagine what you could do with 600h more each year? You could use those hours back to search for more customers or spend more time with your loved ones instead of manually build quotes with Excel.

In 2023, you’re at a massive disadvantage if you do not use a construction estimating software to speed up your quoting process. Quoting takes time and it’s not the most enjoyable task to do for any general contractor: enter the modern era and use a construction management software to semi-automate this. 

Billdr Pro offers a comprehensive construction software solution that can help you quote accurately, estimate effectively, track time, manage schedules, enhance communication, and grow your construction company while maximizing profits.

2. Efficient Clock-In, Clock-Out Tracking

Most construction management software have a clock-in and clock-out functionalities so that you can effortlessly monitor your team's working hours. This data aids in accurate payroll processing and helps you track project progress. You also want to keep track of the time you budgeted on any given project in order to make sure you’re still profitable on your project. You don’t have to rely on old spreadsheets to track how much you owe your employees: do yourself a favor and save time by using a software.

3. Streamlined Scheduling

Construction software enables you to create and manage project schedules with ease. Visualize timelines, allocate resources, and track milestones to ensure projects stay on track and within deadlines.

They also provide you the ability to share the schedule with your customers so you don’t have to constantly be pinged by customers to know when the plumber will come or when the windows will be installed.

4. Effective Communication with customers 

Problems often start when communication is broken or poor with your customers. Problems end when the communication becomes clear. Clear communication is vital for successful projects. Construction software centralizes communication by allowing you to share updates, documents, and messages in one accessible platform, minimizing confusion and delays.

Being a general contractor is not easy when you have to focus on doing the construction work during the day and in the evenings you have to work on all the administrative tasks in order to communicate effectively with your customers. Use a construction management software to automate those tasks, make your life easier and ensure clear lines of communication with your customers, your team and subcontractors.

5. Enhanced Collaboration with architects, employees and subcontractors

Collaboration among project stakeholders is simplified through construction software. Real-time access to project information encourages seamless teamwork among architects, subcontractors, and your employees.

If you make it easy for your employees and subcontractors to understand what’s going on at all times with your project you will reduce errors, accelerate completion of the job and thus save costs and increase your profits.

A construction software offers comprehensive project management features, from tracking tasks to monitoring budgets. This efficiency reduces administrative burdens and lets you focus on delivering quality work.

6. Growing your company with less headaches

Investing in technology demonstrates your commitment to innovation and quality as a general contractor. This can enhance your reputation, attract more clients, increase the retention of your employees & subcontractors and position your construction company for growth.

By using software you will also reduce the operational risks that come with manual tasks which could be very costly whenever you quote on jobs or track manually your expenses or outstanding invoices.

By using a construction software, you will also save over 1,000h per year doing manual tasks that you can allocate to providing more support to your employees or customers or to growing your sales or simply to providing yourself with more rest.

7. Real-Time Insights

If you use a construction software like Billdr Pro, you can access real-time project data allowing you to make informed decisions quickly. 

For example, you will be able to track every day what your team has flagged on the construction site. Thus you will be able to adjust strategies, allocate resources, and address issues promptly to maintain project momentum. You can also access market pricing of materials and labour costs so that you’re always competitive.

8. Boosted Profitability

All of the benefits mentioned above ultimately result in increasing your profitability. 

A construction management software will help you increase your revenue by:

  • Improving your accuracy in quoting
  • Increasing your win ratio for each quote sent
  • Increasing your capacity to send more quotes faster

A construction management software will help you decrease your cost by: 

  • Improving your project management capabilities
  • Keeping a better control of incidents on the construction site
  • Minimizing errors (change orders, invoicing)
  • Saving you time doing all the administrative work
  • Collecting payments digitally at a tap of a button
  • Calculating timesheets for employees for you


Incorporating construction software into your operations isn't just a trend; it's a strategic decision that can reshape your construction company's success. Billdr Pro's construction software solution, designed specifically for general contractors, provides the tools you need to thrive in today's competitive landscape. From accurate quoting and efficient estimating to streamlined scheduling and enhanced communication, this technology empowers you to grow your construction business and maximize profits while delivering exceptional results.

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