Manage your team effectively

Billdr PRO helps you manage your team efficiently, even across multiple sites. You can easily set up schedules for each project, assign tasks to your team and subcontractors, and also keep track of daily task lists.

  • Create detailed timeline
  • View your schedule on a calendar view
  • Share it with your client
A screenshot of a project's detailed schedule with a character of a happy contractor

Project planning

For each project, you can create editable schedules to better estimate construction time, and thus better coordinate your team and subcontractors throughout the project. It's also an excellent tool to help your customers understand your deadlines.

Benefits for your business
  • Better coordination of work with your team and subcontractors
  • Strengthening customer confidence
A project's detailed timeline with mobile views of the project schedule
Screenshots of the event creation in schedule

Create clear calendars in just a few clicks

Screenshot with the focus on the progression of each phase

Track the progress of each phase of your schedule

Screenshot of the homeowner dashboard with the calendar view

Share your schedule with your customers

Tasks & todo lists

Easily add new items to your to-do list and assign them to your team members or subcontractors. By providing a centralized location for task assignment and tracking, this feature makes it easier than ever to stay organized, delegate tasks, and ensure that everything gets done on time. Task assignment is coming soon.

Benefits for your business
  • Better coordination of work with your team and subcontractors
  • Reduced risks of errors and omissions
Desktop and mobile views of a to do list
Screenshot of the task creation in the to-do list

Create tasks with deadlines in just a few clicks

Screenshot of the assignment part in the task creation

Assign team members and monitor progress

Mobile screenshots of the tasks list and task creation

An experience tailored to mobile devices

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